"in Jerusalem you shall find your comfort"

-Isaiah 66:13

Pilgrimage is "a sign of closeness and solidarity for the Christian communities that live there and that are in great need of your help."

-Pope John Paul II

"All pilgrimages are entrusted to Saint Joseph our Patron Saint of Pilgrimages. He who led and protected the Holy Family on earth will now do the same for us pilgrims from his place in Heaven."

-Franciscan Father
Alex Kratz,
Pilgrimage Spiritual Director

What some pilgrims have said...

"My pilgrimage with Father Alex and Terra Sancta Pilgrimages was a highlight of my Catholic Christian life-one that I will never forget! To actually walk in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus and experience the land where He lived and had His being, His ministry, His agony, death and resurrection, is beyond what I ever dreamed I could experience. It has enriched and blessed my life and continues to do so daily."
Kennewick, WA


"When I first hear of Father Alex and his ministry, his was the only pilgrimage that I wanted to join. And I was not disappointed. What particularly appealed to me was entering into the life of the local Christian community. Fr. Alex afforded us the privilege of experiencing the 'little way' that provides great spiritual benefit to those who take the journey."
Fr. Frederick
Buffalo, NY


"The pilgrimage Terra Sancta Pilgrimages put together was a totally spiritual experience that really changed me. God helped to make it easier than I thought it would be and the group of fellow pilgrims was so friendly."
Madison Heights, MI


"This pilgrimage made my faith come alive. To walk in the footsteps of Christ is a life-changing experience. I read the Bible and hear Scripture read at Mass now with a much greater appreciation and understanding. I am truly present to God's word in a much deeper way."
Plymouth, MI


"The whole trip was moving and inspirational. As a deacon, I was privileged to assist at Mass almost every day there. To celebrate Mass in the Tomb of Jesus and at Calvary was so very special, words cannot describe how it affected me. To see the sun rise over the Sea of Galilee, to walk in the wilderness, where Jesus might have walked, will be with me always. Salaam al-Maseeh, 'Peace be with you'."
Deacon Jene
Commerce Township, MI


"If you are considering a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I highly recommend going with Fr. Alex. He provided the most in-depth, comprehensive, prayerful experience I have ever had out of the four times I've been to the Holy Land!"
Fr. Bob
Flint, MI


"A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is an experience of a lifetime for any Christian and one we hope all Christians can have. Due to the organization of each day by Father Alex the focus and emphasis was always the religious aspect of what we visited. The pilgrimage never became just a tour of interesting places. Since the Franciscans are the guardians of many of the holy sites, having a Franciscan as the pilgrimage leader is advantageous and brings additional insights. The Franciscan leader of our pilgrimage, Father Alex, is truly an inspirational and knowledgeable person."
Ron & Matilde
Cincinnati, OH


"To walk the land, to see the landscape, to feel the atmosphere, to feel the water of the Sea of Galilee, to know that these are what Jesus the man experienced is beyond words. To see the ethnic Christians whose bloodline dates back to the first converts, the living stones, and realize they were here first and still are a minority. To be at the Garden of Gethsemane in solitude where Jesus accepted the will of our Father made me see God's love and mercy-thank you Terra Sancta Pilgrimages for organizing this overwhelming experience!"
Anthony & Marissa
Monroe, MI


"My wife and I have taken many trips abroad, but none have been as memorable as the pilgrimage we made to the Holy Land with our beloved Fr. Alex Kratz. To actually walk and see where Jesus lived and died has far surpassed any places or travel experiences we have ever encountered. We are truly blessed and extremely grateful for the profound impact this spiritual journey has left on us. We have returned home enriched by the Biblical events and the gracious welcome of the Christian Palestinians."
Mario & Pasqualina
Milford, MI


"My second pilgrimage to the Holy Land was even more memorable then my first pilgrimage. As we walked in the footsteps of Jesus I felt Gods healing, embracing love along the way. God was Happy to see us! As we visited the beautiful and Holy Churches it was sometimes difficult to hold back the tears, they just come. What a blessing it was to have Mass in these Holy places. Just seeing the Holy Land with your own eyes, you learn so much! Not only did I find my comfort in Jerusalem, I had lots of fun with my fellow pilgrims and met so many wonderful people of the Holy Land."
Southfield, MI

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